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Here to help you create
an online presence,
appropriate for your needs!


Bristol based, Tip the Wink Design is a husband and wife team, who provide
website and graphic services. With over 20 years of design experience but with a ‘down to earth’ approach.

Tip the Wink Design offer a friendly service, explained in plain English, to ensure the most appropriate presentation and economical methods are used.

Whether to use a custom design or an ‘off the peg’ template, Tip the Wink Design helpfully highlight a selection of options best suited for your service requirements and ambitions.

Contact Gay today and find out how we may help nudge your
business | organisation | project
in the right direction.

Tip the Wink Design also offer
copywriting, promotional advice and
other services.

Don’t just take our word...

A Bukasa | Chez Ange Connect
Thank you so much. You have been very helpful.

C Chettle | Chrysalis Gems
Thank you for making the changes, it looks really great.

S Strode | Dr Sonja
Yes, that’s great, excellent... Hooray! Get the champers out!

A Hine | Irresistible Pig Roasts
We have looked at your examples and think they are great....
It looks in balance and that background of a pig and apple trees
is just what I imagined.

R Pinniger | HF Bristol Ramblers
I am very pleased with the result!!!!!!!

D Warren | Moira Furnace Folk Festival
I am sure that it is because of all the time and expertise you put into
the website / logos /etc, that we had such large number attend the event.
You have certainly created something which we all feel very proud of.